Mold Inspection

Providing Scientifically Accurate & Verifiable Mold Inspection Services

Mold can take hold in under 48 hours, and be difficult to detect and to locate. It releases spores into the air in order to reproduce, spores that are small enough that people can breathe them in causing health problems such as:

Eye, nose and throat irritation.
Coughing and phlegm build-up.
Wheezing and shortness of breath.
Allergic reactions.

Because the presence of mold is a health issue, it's imperative that testing be done by a certified mold testing and detection expert.

What Can a Mold Test Find?

A scientifically accurate mold test is designed to determine:

The types of mold that may be present in your home among the 150 different types of mold.
If the mold is toxic or non-toxic.
Determine if your indoor environment is safe.
Decide how to correct a mold problem.
Recommend on having a third party respond to the problem (i.e. Insurance, Tenant, Landlord).

We provide 100% accurate mold inspection tests that will find mold growths on surface areas of your home (bathrooms, carpets, basements, attics, ceilings), in settled dust, and in the air you breathe.

Precision in Our Three-Step Mold Testing Process

Step One

Our certified mold experts employ state-of-the-art equipment for visual, surface and air testing and sampling to collect a variety of samples throughout your home or business.

Step Two

Samples are then sent to an accredited 3rd party laboratory for incubation and analysis, in order to prevent conflict of interest.

Step Three

You are then presented with a mold report detailing mold levels in your home (elevated or normal); type of mold present (toxic vs. non toxic); cause of the mold; corrective measures and methods of preventing future mold from re-occurring.

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