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Our inspectors will use high-quality Thermal Imaging cameras in order to detect leaks, temperature changes and other possible losses of energy or integrity throughout the house. These images allow the inspector to detect many things we can not see with just our standard visual inspection and are worth every penny in possible future savings from our discoveries.

The inspector will use a moisture meter to check in every room if any part of the home or roof structure has an excess in moisture that could lead to future mold growth or air quality problems. If there are signs of past moisture damage, this inspection will also reveal if the problem has been fixed or is still occurring. If your roof is to steep or weather has prevented the inspector from visually inspecting the roof system.

We will use a drone to inspect your roof and capture views that can not be seen from a standard ladder inspection. Best of all, the inspector will take videos during these various inspections to narrate the findings and include the videos in your report.Our inspection is the most comprehensive service available.

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What's included in the advanced tech inspection?

This is our most popular and highly recommended type of inspection service. The Technology Inspection includes all the benefits of our standard home inspection package only with this tier we are going to try to see things in your home we can't see with just the naked eye by using:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Energy saver inspections
  • Moisture meter inspections
  • Four-point inspection
  • Wind mitigation

You'll also receive a detailed report the day of your inspection. Count on us for a one-year reinspection for 50% of the cost. Services like infrared camera inspections are the best way to fully evaluate your property.

If you want a thorough examination of your property, you need the latest inspection technology. Infrared camera inspections and other advanced technology services will make you aware of as many issues as possible.

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